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Virtual CFO Services

What Is A Virtual CFO?

It’s common that early-stage businesses reach a point where they need professional financial advice, but can’t afford a full-time CFO or Controller. Hiring a full-time CFO costs a significant 6-figure annual salary, plus bonuses, benefits and more. Ignite’s Virtual CFO Service provides the high-level professional support of our experienced team at a fraction of that cost.

What Does A Virtual CFO Do?

A Virtual CFO provides immediately practical advice regarding strategic and tactical matters such as budget management, cost-benefit analysis, forecasting, and securing new operating capital as needed. Ignite’s Virtual CFO Service can include: handling relations with creditors and investors, establishing and helping you enforce company-wide KPIs (“key performance indicators”), financial reporting, cash forecasts, budgeting, establish cash reserves, employee incentives, and tax minimization strategies.

Bottom line: a Virtual CFO will help your company maximize profits – and isn’t that why you’re in business in the first place?

How Is A Virtual CFO Different From An Accountant?

Virtual CFOs are professionals in financial management while CPAs and accountants are typically not, nor do they provide these services as part of a typical engagement.

The Virtual CFO Service from Ignite

Ignite’s Virtual CFO Service partners you with seasoned business and financial professionals to guide your business to success. If you are a growing business in need of professional financial advice but can’t afford a full-time financial manager and – especially – if past decisions are now causing financial and legal problems that eat away at your ability to quickly grow your company, Ignite’s Virtual CFO Service is an extremely intelligent solution.

Do yourself and your business a favor: get a Virtual CFO ASAP.

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